Economy, Business & Infrastructure

We must ensure that Kenmore is a place where businesses and jobs, can grow and thrive in. Working together we can continue to grow a safe welcoming, and affirming community:

  • Continue Building a Connected Welcoming Vibrante Business Community
  • Build an Economy that Works for Everyone
  • Use Smart Innovative Approaches to Design with Multi-Use Spaces and Places
  • Encourage Entrepreneurship and Support Innovation with Smart Policies
  • Utilize Targeted Universal Approaches to Meet Community Needs
  • Fostering New and Continued Partnerships Thereby Increasing Kenmore's Visibility

Affordable Housing

We need to work. to properly obtain real affordable housing, here in Kenmore. So people can work near where they live. Kenmore can, serve as a leader for creating affordable housing by addressing "our missing middle" to become part of the solution to our housing crisis, and:

  • Utilizing Public and Private Partnerships to Build Affordable Housing
  • Our Missing Middle - Cottage Housing (ADU's), and Attached or Detached Mother-in-Law Housing Units
  • Creating Equitable Smart Solution-Oriented Innovative Policy, Ordinance, and Zoning
  • Inviting Stakeholders To Be Part of Our Solution To Addressing The Housing Crisis

Increasing Our Connectivity

We must ensure improved connectivity in Kenmore. With safe walkable neighborhoods connecting to our downtown Kenmore and transit, to the places we visit for fun and enjoyment: our downtown corridor, parks and waterfront.

  • Completing the Walkways & Waterways Project
  • Connecting Accessible Pedestrian, Bike and Trails -
  • Community Partnerships Must Be Part of Our Solution


We live in a unique Kenmore community and with all our growth, we must continue to ensure we are doing our part. By taking care of our natural resources and protecting our environment we can leave a Kenmore community for future generations to come to love - by utilizing smart, creative, and innovative approaches for:

  • Sustainability
  • Protecting, Preserving and Maintaining Our Parks
  • Maintaining and Protecting Our Tree Canopy
  • Inviting Stakeholders To Be Part of Our Solution